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Soft Calender
Soft Calender
Product Detail

Partition controllable medium and high soft calenders can be divided into double nip controllable medium and high soft calenders and single nip controllable medium and high soft calenders. The advantages of partition controllable medium and high soft calenders over ordinary soft calenders are that the medium and high values can be adjusted online according to different paper types and paper weights to meet the quality requirements of high-end paper products.


1. Wide adaptability to paper types, suitable for most paper and cardboard.

2. High smoothness, gloss and opacity can be achieved, and the same smoothness has good printing performance.

3. Consistent tightness, uniform ink absorption, and clear pictures and texts.

4. The bulk, strength and stiffness of the paper are good, and the double-sidedness of the paper is improved.

5. Reduce the phenomenon of hair loss, powder loss and smearing.

6. Less broken ends under high moisture, no dark spots.

7. It is suitable for reconstruction and improve the operability of the paper machine.

8. It is easy to operate and can be used online, avoiding two processes, reducing production costs, downtime and paper damage.

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