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Twelve Roll Super Calender
Twelve Roll Super Calender
Product Detail

Twelve-roll super calender is a finishing equipment for papermaking. It belongs to a kind of soft calender. It is suitable for finishing offset paper, painting newspaper, coated paper, capacitor paper, translucent paper, fruit bag paper, Glassine paper and cultural paper.

The super calender uses multiple sets of calender rolls with smooth surface to calender the paper. When the paper web passes through several nips between the pulp roller and the metal roller, it is deformed after being pressed by the highly elastic pulp roller, and the relative sliding friction with the metal roller is generated at different peripheral speeds in the deformation zone. Under the action of mechanical force and heat The paper web becomes smoother, glossier, tighter, flatter, obtains transparency, prevents and reduces powder and lint loss, and improves appearance quality.


1. The chilled cast iron roller adopts peripheral drilling or jacket heating roller structure, combined with advanced temperature control technology, for uniform heating.

2. The main roll can use the technology of zone controllable medium and high roll or stepless pressure regulating roll, so that the line pressure of the overpressure machine can be adjusted online.

3. Equipped with fast roll-off and soft landing device, which can effectively protect the pulp roll from damage.

4. Equipped with paper tension control device, online testing instrument for surface smoothness, gloss and thickness.

5. Adopt shaft type paper roll and hydraulic adjustable roller technology.

6. The working speed is stable and adjustable, and the speed stabilization accuracy is high.

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