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High-speed slitting and rewinding machine
High-speed slitting and rewinding machine
Product Detail

The slitting and rewinding machine is mainly used for slitting large rolls of non-woven fabrics made from spunbond, meltblown, spunlace, acupuncture, hot air and other production lines, and rewinding them into finished products with small width and tightness that meet the requirements.

Operational route:

Hoist the finished parent roll to the unwinding frame of the rewinder, and the servo motor on the unwinding frame can maintain the set constant tension of the traveling non-woven fabric by providing appropriate reverse torque, and when the material is cut off. (i.e. zero tension) to make the device stop suddenly. The non-woven fabric is drawn from the unwinding frame and introduced into the tension control part through the roller, then stretched by the splitting roller, and then slitted. The roll part), and then wound on the paper core drum, the upper part of the paper core is provided with a pressure roller, and finally the roll material is driven by two support rollers with main drive, and rewinds into several small finished rolls that meet the requirements.

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