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SI type: intelligent S-Roll stepless pressure regulating uniform roll hot rolling mill
SI type: intelligent S-Roll stepless pressure regulating uniform roll hot rolling mill
Product Detail


The line pressure can be adjusted steplessly for the entire width of the roll surface, which ensures a uniform and stable line pressure within the width range covered by the coil;

The maximum running speed can reach 800m/min;

Line pressure between rollers: 0-400N/mm;

The rolls are heated by high-speed circulation of heat-conducting oil, and the temperature difference between the roll surfaces is ±1°C;

The maximum temperature can reach 280℃;

The roll mechanism, transmission mode, heat transfer efficiency, intelligent control and other technologies have been completely improved;

A high-speed hot rolling mill with S-Roll stepless pressure regulation and uniform roll technology for a coil production line with excellent performance, so that different coils can be used in quantitative range, strength, elongation at break, thickness, longitudinal and transverse strength ratio, barrier efficiency, porosity, etc. performance improvement;

Maximum width: 8000mm (the width can be designed according to customer requirements);

Human-machine interface: touch screen operation, whole machine monitoring, process parameter setting, hydraulic system control, fault diagnosis, alarm system;

It can quickly grasp the performance parameters of the machine, and can run efficiently through simple settings, which greatly reduces the dependence on people.


Fixed medium and high hot rolling mills are suitable for roll finishing of narrow width or low speed coils. Through rolling with high strength, toughness and heat resistance, under the action of temperature and pressure, the thickness, uniformity, mechanical properties (tensile strength and puncture resistance), and ion penetration properties of raw materials can be changed to make the roll The surface of the material can be smooth, flat and the effect of improving the strength can be achieved to meet the different requirements of customers for coil finishing.

Technical principle

Through the cross adjustment technology, the roll is rotated and offset around the middle, and the cross angle is generated to control the crown of the roll surface, so that the lower roll surface is slightly twisted during the pressing process, wrapping upward, making up for the middle height, and increasing the variety of production products. effect.

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