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Two-roll calender
Two-roll calender
Product Detail

. The calender roll adopts the stepless pressure regulation uniform roll, and the uniform and consistent roll line pressure is obtained by adjusting the oil pressure in the cavity;

. The elastic roll sleeve on the stepless pressure regulating uniform roll can better compensate the deformation of the roll;

. Even Roller Hydraulic Control System;

. Even roller oil motor auxiliary drive;

. Human-machine interface (full machine monitoring, process parameter setting, animation display of seam detection, hydraulic system pressure display, fault diagnosis, alarm information);

. Quick and easy sleeve replacement without extensive dismantling of the rolls, i.e. the synthetic soft roll sleeves can be exchanged from the side tube stands installed on the calender, minimizing downtime, during the calendering process (eg: Calendering, electro-optical, embossing, soft rolling and silk finishing effects) are also available by selecting the casing.

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