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Lithium battery diaphragm calendering  line
Lithium battery diaphragm calendering line
Product Detail

Product description

The equipment of this production line is a combined production line composed of double-station unwinding, four sets of two-roll calenders, automatic winding machines and the electrical control system of the whole line. It is mainly used for rolling finishing in the production process of lithium battery separator to improve the thickness uniformity, mechanical properties (tensile strength and puncture resistance) and ion penetration performance of the separator. At the same time, the unwinding and rewinding operations of the entire line can be completed without stopping, saving equipment operating costs.


The lithium battery diaphragm roll passes through the double-station unwinding device, enters the nip, and is pressed by four soft rolls and hard rolls. After cooling and shaping, it is automatically wound up. The strength and puncture resistance are significantly improved.

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