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  • Two-roller gin

    This product is suitable for embossing, foam rolling, wrinkling, trademark rolling, etc. on various fabrics. It is also used for super embossing, single- and double-sided embossing, embossing, and calendering of paper in the paper industry. As well as embossing and embossing of aluminum foil, wallpa...
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  • Three-roller gin

    This product is a three-roll embossing machine, which is suitable for embossing, foaming, wrinkling, and trademark embossing on various non-woven fabrics.
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  • Four-roller gin

    This product is a four-roll embossing machine, which mainly realizes the effect of transfer printing and embossing between fabrics, printing paper, and steel embossing rolls through different arrangements and combinations of wool rolls, heated embossing rolls, rubber rolls, and mirror rolls. By chan...
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