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  • Industrial roll

    Extremely high friction coefficient (0.52 in dry state, 0.3 in oily state), even in the case of oil lubrication, its friction coefficient is more than 40 times that of general rubber rollers.
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  • Partition controllable medium and high rollers

    BRW zone controllable medium and high roll
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  • Stepless pressure regulating roller

    BRW stepless pressure regulating uniform roller
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  • Ironing roller

    BRW Ironing roller
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  • Heat transfer roller

    To meet the customer's roll application parameters, we design each heat transfer roll to be the best choice to balance the following parameters: heat transfer, minimum pressure drop in the guide roll, suitable flow rate and surface temperature rise.
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  • Vacuum Roller

    BRW vacuum rolls are an ideal solution for applications where pinch rolls cannot be used or where both sides of the web cannot be touched. They can also be installed in front of air flotation ovens, a device suitable for double-sided coating of coils, as excellent tension isolation and control point...
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  • Custom Rollers

    BRW can provide rollers with special specifications for various industries according to customer needs, and meet specific process requirements through the diversified cooperation of our team processing mode.
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