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Walk all the way | Warmly welcome the leaders of the textile industry in Jiangsu Province to visit Broadenwin for guidance!

 2022-01-20 | View:357

On the afternoon of January 20, 2022, Zhou Hongrong, Vice President of Jiangsu Soho Holding Group Co., Ltd. Ma Hongwei, Chairman of Jiangsu Hongye Co., Ltd. Lin Huawei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Soho International Group Co., Ltd. Secretary of Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society Chief Wang Zhijie, Assistant General Manager of Trade Development Department of Jiangsu Soho Holding Group Co., Ltd. He Ruqiang, and other leaders visited Boluwei Machinery Jiangsu Co., Ltd. to visit and guide. Under the leadership of Mr. Shen Hongwei, general manager of Boluwei, he visited the company's complete machine assembly factory and R&D headquarters. All Boluwei staff extended a warm welcome to the visiting leaders!


General Manager Mr. Shen Hongwei explained the company's corporate culture and development history in detail, and elaborated on the company's future development plan. The company currently provides new energy, new materials, non-woven, textile, paper, rubber, plastic, leather, metal, etc. The majority of customers in the industry provide complete sets of intelligent equipment and system solutions and high-quality services such as rolling, winding, slitting, and automatic packaging. And introduced the product export situation developed so far, the products have been exported to nearly 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland.


△ Broadenwin Assembly Workshop

The leaders highly recognized the phased achievements in the construction of digital factories such as PLM/ERP/WMS/MES of Boluwei through the visit and inspection of the company.


△ Group photo of leaders